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Passport & Visa

Passport Services

It is the most important travel document needed for any travel outside India.

Passport is an official document issued by the government, identifying an individual granting him/her permission to travel abroad and identifying his/her citizenship.

  • A passport is the most essential travel document on your holiday
  • Every individual member of your family travelling on the holiday will require a valid passport
  • The passport should be valid for at least 6 months for all countries, from the proposed date of return from travel
  • The passport should have sufficient number of blank pages for the visas to be stamped/ stickered on your passport
  • For Europe and Malaysia visas are not issued on Passports having validity beyond 10 years
  • The passport is a legal document issued by the Government of India. Kindly handle your passport carefully as a damaged passport is not acceptable by the consulates/embassies or even the emigration officers at the airport.

Visa Services

A VISA(Visitors Intending to Stay Aboard) is a vital requirement for any travel outside India and needs to be applied in the country of residence sufficiently in advance.

  • A visa generally gives non- citizens clearance to enter a country and to remain there within specified constraints, such as a time frame for entry, a time limit on the time spent in the country and prohibition against employment
  • There are different types of VISAS like Tourist Visas, Transit Visas, Business Visas, Student Visas, Work Visas etc, so it is very important to obtain the appropriate visa for your intended travel. All information provided below is with respect to Tourist Visas
  • To proceed on a holiday, you will require several tourist visas depending on the countries to be visited. Our travel consultant will advise and assist you in applying the necessary Visas
  • Visas can be single-entry which means the visa is canceled as soon as the holder leaves the country; double-entry, or multiple-entry which permits double or multiple entries into the country with the same visa.
  • The Visa is generally stamped or stickered in the passport itself. However a few countries (eg Singapore, Australia) have started issuing E-VISAS. An E-VISA is a separate document not attached to the passport, make sure that you carry a copy of the E-VISA along with your passport at the time of travel
  • For UK, USA visa submission personal presence is a must. For UK you will need to schedule one appointment for submission and biometric (digital fingerprinting). For US you will need to schedule two appointments, one for Visa Application Center and one for the visa interview at the Embassy or Consulate.
  • Some countries like Ireland or Mexico will grant you entry in their country if you have a vaild UK or US Visa respectively. Please get in touch with our travel consultant for further details on the same
  • A few countries require you to obtain Transit Visa for passing through their country to a destination outside that country or even passing through their airport. A Transit Visa can be issued for several hours or upto a certain number of days depending on the particular transit itinerary.
  • For certain countries like Thailand, Mauritius, Hong Kong, Maldives etc Visa can be obtained on arrival. Some Visas may be free on arrival and some have to be paid on arrival. Kindly check with our Travel Consultant for the same
  • It is advisable to apply for VISA sufficiently well in advance with all the necessary documents. This will enable smooth and easy processing of your Visa

General Documents Required to Apply For a Visa

  • Original passport with minimum validity of 6 months for all countries (Malaysia will require 9 months) from the date of return from travel and sufficient number of blank pages
  • Only passports with maximum 10 year validity are acceptable. If you have an old passport with validity beyond 10 years, kindly get the same re-issued before applying for a visa. Old passport to be attached
  • Visa forms duly filled and signed by each applicant. For minors, thumb impression of the minor and parent’s signature are required on the visa form
  • Latest coloured photographs with a white background as per specifications given to you by our travel consultant depending on the destination of travel
  • Personal covering letters addressed to the respective Embassies/Consulates by the head of the family. If the guest is self-employed, then the covering letter should be on a business letter head and a visiting card should also be provided
  • Original leave authorization from the employer of the applicant on the employer letterhead for employed applicants/ NOC for Government Employees

Financial/Professional documents as required by Embassies/Consulates

  • Last 3 years Income Tax Papers
  • 6 months bank statement with bank stamps and seal
  • Salary Slips for the last 6 months
  • Documents of assets and investments (FD, NSC, PPF, Property papers, Mutual fund statements etc)
  • Shop Act, license, Memorandum of Association, Partnership deed for business or self-employed individuals

Other Supporting Documents

  • Honeymooners: Marriage Invitation, Marriage Certificate and Marriage photographs.
  • Minors: Children under 18 years of age travelling without one or both parents or without legal guardian must provide a notarized authorization for travel signed by both parents/by the parent/ or legal guardian
  • Students: Bonafide certificate from educational institution and ID copy/School calendar copy

How to Check Your Visa

Below is an example of How to Check your Visa

Points to Note

  • All documents should be in English
  • The above list of documents are indicative and may vary from time to time and case to case basis
  • Some Embassies/Consulates ask for original documents and call for interviews/biometrics (digital fingerprinting)
  • Applicants palms/fingers should be free from stains/cuts/mehendi/colours for bio metrics
  • It is recommended to carry all the financial/professional/supporting documents in originals along with one set of photocopy


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We assure your days and trip will be a memorable and sweetest experience in your life

Read details about Terms & Condition , Policy